Huawei selling Honor Phone business

Huawei is selling its partner company Honor Phone business – Honor, Huawei’s sub-brand will soon remove the tag of Huawei from its parent company to operate its business properly, report. Unfortunately, Honor suffered huge losses due to its reduced sales after American companies refused to work with Huawei and therefore unsupported. To deal with that issue, Honor made a big decision about its ownership.

Huawei’s downfall after U.S. ban

Since the U.S. government had banned Huawei and consequently ordered American companies to no longer negotiate with Huawei, sales of Huawei smartphones have dropped dramatically. Eventually, the company has been unable to manufacture its own Kirin chipsets since then and even no purchase was possible due to strict rules.

On the other hand, Google has also removed its Google Play services from Huawei devices, and therefore, Huawei has to survive with its own “App Gallery”. After analyzing all of these issues, Honor made the wise decision to get rid of Huawei and get its position back in the market.

honor a separate Huawei brand

How Honor was affected after Huawei’s ban in the United States

As a subsidiary company, Honor used to purchase all of its manufacturing materials and technology material from Huawei. But after the U.S. restrictions, both Honor and Huawei depended on features already made, as they are now unable to do business in the U.S. But today, Huawei is facing major problems with the mass production of its