HTC Desire 21 Pro

HTC Desire 21 Pro Review, Pros and Cons – HTC recently launched another fabulous device in the mid-range segment. The phone is known as the Desire 21 Pro, which is the updated version of Desire 20 Plus. But as for the overall look, this phone is divided into three main sections, including the camera, battery, and display departments.

The HTC Desire 21 Pro smartphone is a low-budget flagship smartphone that supports old technology. You will know better about it by following this detailed review article. With that said, let’s move on to the primary specifications and understand the overall value of the phone.

HTC Desire 21 Pro Review


  1. This device acquires a 90 Hz refresh rate display panel with 6.7 inches IPS LCD technology and offers HDR10 certification.
  2. As for the camera configuration, you will have a 48 MP quad-camera that guarantees a fabulous dynamic range of photos and videos along with a 16MP selfie camera.
  3. The power supplies via the 5000 mAh battery feature a subtle screen time and an 18W charger.
  4. The processing unit of the Snapdragon 690 chipset powered the system and support 5g connectivity.

Design and Display

The HTC Desire 21 Pro smartphone exhibits an incredible simple gradient effect that gives the phone a sleek look, but apparently, the curved and sleek design is a little slippery when holding. On the same note, you can get this handset in two stylish color options. If you want something professional, the Black color scheme is a brilliant choice. If you want to feel the refreshing Blizz, the purple variant is also a good choice.

Each of them is also quite decent and, at the same time, robust. Now, moving on to the second most important part is the screen. On the bright side, the 6.7 inches screen offers a high aspect ratio in IPS technology. To learn more, the company combines the combination of HDR 10 certification, 90Hz refresh rate, and Full HD screen. Although, the glow is dying in broad daylight.

Memory and Internal

Nowadays, if the phone didn’t have the latest Android 11 skin, it somehow loses its charm in the advanced features section. With the placement of the Android 10 operating system, the phone is left behind in the races of adjustments, as it lacks personalized features. On the other hand, there is no vision for a personalized interface, for sure you will receive the stock Android. Plus, you don’t have to think about bloatware.

Following Android 10 OS, the processing is compiled through the support of 8 GB of RAM, while the performance aspect is managed by the Snapdragon 690 SoC. In addition, there will be an additional adjustment of 5G connectivity which will increase the data transmission speed. In addition, the visual effect of Adreno 619 offers a smooth experience and improves the gameplay several times.