Gmail Drive and Fit iOS widgets

Gmail for iOS now comes with a widget that allows you to search your inbox and write new emails quickly. Due to the restrictions implemented by Apple, the Gmail widget has no interactive elements.

Gmail for iOS allows to search inbox and write new emails quickly

The update of Gmail for iOS was done with support in terms of a dedicated widget. The Gmail widget allows you to easily search your inbox and make it easy to compose a new email. It was made available on devices that run on iOS 14 or higher. In addition, Google Drive and Google fit apps on iOS have also been updated with widgets. To provide you with a better experience on iOS and its other latest versions, Google claims to bring widgets from Chrome and Google Calendar as well. Even Chrome on the iPad has undergone updates with support for multiple windows.

Viewing the inbox is not facilitated by the Gmail widget on iOS as is the case on Android. A standard 4×2 widget is provided to you, allowing you to search your inbox. It also allows you to generate a new email by tapping the “Compose” shortcut. It even provides a shortcut from where you can view unread emails. It makes it easy to view emails in your inbox by providing a counter. With it, you wouldn’t have to use the badge on the Gmail app icon.

Apple developer guidelines are the main reasons for the differences between Android and iOS widgets. These guidelines limit any interactive elements in your developer-side widget.

Talking about devices running on iOS 12.0 and higher, they received an updated version of Gmail for iOS (version 6.0.201101) by Google. But you need to keep in mind that if your iPhone works on iOS 14, only the Gmail widget will be available.

To make it easier to search for files stored on cloud storage, Google created the Drive widget for iOS devices. With the updated version of Google Fit for iOS with the widget, you can easily keep a record of your activity with steps and cardio points.

Google chrome widgets

Offering easier access to your future appointments, Google is launching the calendar widget for iOS devices. This will allow you to take a quick look at your calendar. The Chrome widget that will provide easier access to voice search, QR scanning, or a new anonymous guide has arrived in Chrome Beta. Early next year, it would be available and accessible to everyone.

Widget support has been introduced in some of Google’s applications. They include photos from Google, YouTube Music, and the native Google app. The experience you get through the context menus in Google apps is similar to the experience derived from supporting widgets.

The update of Chrome for iOS and iPadOS to version 87.0.4280.60 was made by Google. It allows the opening of several windows at the same time. All you need to do is tap and hold a link and then choose ‘open in a new window’. It will allow you to open a specific website in a new window. It comes with a ‘security check’ feature, allowing you to have secure browsing. It also ensures that you are using the latest version of Chrome and have no compromised passwords. If you have a compromised password, the latest version of Chrome will provide guidance on how to fix it.

Ensuring that the updated Chrome browser is well protected, its autocomplete feature prompts you for your facial ID, Touch ID, or password when it requires auto-filling your passwords.

Earlier this week, Google updated the Chrome browser on macOS, subjecting it to several performance-based improvements. A native version of Chrome for Apple’s silicon was also developed by him. He was paused for a day because of some flaws.

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