google sleep tracking

Google Sleep API saves phone battery and sleep monitoring – It is now easier to track your daily sleep patterns with the Google Sleep API. If you are using Android 10 or higher, you can use this.

Google announced that the new Google Sleep API is now available through the Goggle play service. It allows you to track sleep patterns with less battery consumption. The mechanic centralizes the processing of sleep detection, whether you are walking, activities can be tracked through the activity recognition APIs. With the help of Urbandroid, it was possible for Google to develop this. Check here for 5 mistakes that damage your smartphone battery.

Google Sleep API

Google shared a blog where it says that the sleep API collects information about the user’s sleep with their permission. Its artificial intelligence collects information such as the use of the screen, the brightness of the environment, the movement of the device from its light, and motion sensors. We received intermittent notifications in the background. The sleep tracking application also works in the same way, providing data about the user’s sleep, although the detection algorithms may be different.

If your phone already has a sleep tracker, the various apps will result in draining battery life more quickly. As the Google sleep API built into many smartphones, it automatically tracks your sleep in the background, without unnecessarily downloading other applications. Therefore, there is no need to install any extra applications and decrease phone storage. If you don’t have a sleep API, sleep detection processing saves your battery due to its mechanical function.

Urbandroid is popular in creating a popular alarm app, “Sleep As Android”. Google teamed up with this developer for this release. The team said the new system offers a great opportunity to automatically track without using too much battery. You can download Sleep As Android from the Android Store. The company added that to take advantage of this option, the user must allow data collection on sleep.