Chrome for Apple Arm Macs

Google releases a native version of Chrome for Apple Arm Macs – Google planned to release a newer version of Chrome that will be compatible with Apple’s new Macs, along with Arm-based processors, on Wednesday. Initially, Google started releasing the latest version on Tuesday but stopped the launch due to the possibility of an unexpected crash.

One theory states that the native version of the resource-intensive browser can work perfectly well on Apple Arm-based computers. It was noted that the latest version of Chrome built for Intel chips works perfectly on the new Apple Macs. This native version was expected to work much better with them.

Once the update is available, you will be able to select any specific version of the chrome you want to download from the browser website. This was stated by Chrome team interaction designer Elvin Hu.

native version of Chrome for Apple Arm Macs

A BuzzFeed employee, Parker Ortolani, said his specific version of Chrome was upgraded from the x86 version emulated to Apple’s native silicon version today. But recently Ortolani stated that his version of Chrome is back to the x86 version.

Promoting the biggest gain in Chrome’s performance in years due to some underlying changes, Google started releasing a new version of Chrome on Tuesday. However, the company’s blog talking about the new release hadn’t mentioned anything about a version optimized for Apple’s Arm-based Macs.

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