Google Pixel 4 vs Apple iPhone 11 Phones

Compare Between Google Pixel 4 vs Apple iPhone 11 Phones

Here you’ll see the best smartphone comparison between Google Pixel 4 and Apple iPhone 11 based on performance, specifications, price and battery life. The Apple iPhone 11 was uncovered on Tuesday, September 10, with the Google Pixel 4 will be unveiled in next month. While Google’s won’t be the greatest selling Android smartphone, it shares something unique in common with the iPhone, the two phones are the equipment made by the organization that likewise also makes the software. So how did they compete with each other?

We are comparing two phones which are not yet available in the market. In case, while there are numerous things about both which are still to be uncovered. Since the naming of the upcoming iPhone is not yet known.

As far as their looks, we have a ton of leaks evidence and assumed proof to go on. The back of the Google Pixel 4, for instance has also been affirmed by the organization. Thus, we know that double cameras will sit in the upper left of the new Android smartphone while each leak news has disclosed to us that Apple will have a square with three focal points in it in about a similar position.

A recently leaked picture of the Google Pixel 4 smartphone recommends two things – it will be glass again, so features like remote charging are conceivable still and the tone impact that past Pixels have utilized will be exiled. A differentiating shading for the power button, as found on some present models, is additionally expected to proceed.