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Google Photos comes with a new Explore Tab – If you use Google Photos for storing and managing your personal photos, you will be getting an interesting feature. Now, you can check videos, selfies in an efficient way. Google Photos for the web is reportedly receiving a new feature, the “Explore tab”, which allows you to experience a different level of satisfaction. Previously, it was carried out as a “Search” for versatile customers.

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Google Photos new Explore Tab feature

There is a segment dedicated to the Google Photos web interface and is categorized into classes under People, Places, and Things. The web version of Google Photos also offers a dedicated choice for the “Favorites” section in the Library area. It is now easier to place your favorite photos in a specific category. Google Photos has another section called “Memories” that was updated a month ago. The feature shows users their past stories.

According to the 9to5Google report, Google Photos for the Web is getting a new Explore tab and choice of Bookmarks in the Library segment. The Explore tab was launched for mobile customers like the “Search” tab last year to organize photos. The People area uses facial recognition to organize all the photos of a person in one location, making it easier to find old photos of people on Google Photos. The company uses AI to track your photos depending on the points you visit, including lakes, beaches, planes, and the sky is the limit from there.

In addition, you can use the Explore tab to view photos in categories such as Screenshots, Selfies, and Videos. Updating Google Photos on the web also works when searching for photos online. If you touch albums, it will open with a minimal drop-down list, as opposed to a long list that would occupy the entire screen. The new “Favorites” feature allows you to view your photos quickly, as they are already tagged.

if you want to transfer photos from iCloud or Facebook to Google Photos, you can check here. Just a month ago, Google Photos reportedly updated its Memories area to start showing its memories to customers and a photo editing interface. It is always nostalgic when old photos appear in front of you.

The stories are highlighted under specific titles such as “Sand and sea” and “Tasty treats”. In addition, Google Photos started showing memories focused on children to choose customers through a collection called “Out to Play”. These new collections were made with a focus on reliving users’ happy memories. You can also check its uses to enter the past once again.