Google Photos

Google photos is working on a new user interface for photo editing and user don’t need to depend on any third-party applications.

For your editor in Photos, a new user interface that will contain larger buttons and labels is being worked on by Google. Reverse application engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong discovered this feature and still appears to be in progress.

Settings like exposure and contrast getting your own slider and a cleaner general interface for editing photos are the changes included in the UI. There is no hint from Google when it will be released and currently, the redesigned user interface is for testing only selected users.

google photos

Screenshots of the redesigned interface were shared by Wong on Twitter, announcing that a new UI was being worked on by Google Photos. With this new interface, Google Photos is closer to dedicated photo editing apps.

A friendlier appearance is given to the redesigned user interface, through which photos can be edited by people in the application itself. You can save a copy of the photo that is being edited so that there is no change in the original photo.

According to the claims of a Mi 10 smartphone user, the new interface is received by the user, so it is likely that the interface is being beta tested with some users by the technology giant, Google.

In the new Google Photos editor UI, there is a category selector above the Cancel and Save options. According to the artificial intelligence of the app, recommendations of editions are probably present in one of them is known as title suggestions.

Specific vectors with labels, as well as icons, are present in the new interface. In the previous version, the cut and angular adjustment options shared a guide, but in the new UI, they divided their own categories.

The presence of tagging and the options category is to share the photo with third-party applications, such as the gallery, VSCO, and Snapseed, in a single category called ‘More’.

More users can be attracted by the redesigned photo editing user interface in Google Photos and not rely on any third-party applications.

The renewal presence in Google Photos with a three-tab design and a server-side switch will provide a “simpler experience” for users. There is no indication of the availability of this new interface for everyone by the search giant Google.