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Google Maps Speedometer (Speed Limit) Can Now Tell Your Speed In Real Time

Google has recently included a live Map speedometer into Google Maps that enabling you to watch your speed and also speed limits of that location. Android Police reports that the new google map speedometer can be on and off from the application Navigation Settings menu, after on this feature it will show in the bottom left corner of the application during driving.

Turn ON and OFF Speed Limit

The new feature is only one of numerous that have streamed into Google Maps after first showing up in the Waze application, which Google repurchased in 2013. We have just observed speed limits to the Google Map application, which enables you to inform about accidents, police checkpoints, and speed cameras. Google Maps even received the capacity to modify your navigation symbol.

The map speedometer feature is not accessible wherever right now. Android Police reported that clients have seeing this new google speed limit feature in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, India, Argentina, Australia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Taiwan, UK, and US.

On a previous support page, Google said that its speed limits feature is for “instructive purposes” and given how problematic GPS can be, it’s most likely best to adopt a similar strategy with the speedometer. Else you may wind up incidentally making Speedy Gonzales look like Regular Gonzales whenever you loses signal.

Google reported that Speed limits that shows up on Maps are for informational utilize. Make sure to affirm speed limits on your journey with posted traffic signs.

How to Turn ON and OFF Google Map Speed Limit

Go to your google map navigation setting

  • On your iPad or iPhone, open the Google Maps application then Tap Menu then Settings then Navigation settings then ON or OFF Speed limit Under Driving setting.
  • On your Android phone open google maps application then go tap menu then settings then Navigation setting then ON or OFF Speed limit Under Driving Notification setting.

In certain areas, the most extreme speed limit shows up as black and white speed limit box. In other different areas, the most extreme speed limit may shows up as a red and white circle.

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