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The new Google Map update allows the user to better understand the location and surroundings

Google Maps Gets more detailed color map view – Visual improvements are being implemented in Google Maps, which helps to better reflect real environments. An algorithmic color mapping technique is introduced in google map that allows the user to understand the exact view of the place and feel that it is really present there. The user can get a view of how green and lush a place looks by looking at its vegetation and being able to see things like snow cover on top of the mountains.

Google uses computer vision to identify natural characteristics of icy forests, looking specifically at arid regions, satellite images, and mountains said the Google blog. A range of colors in the HSV color model analyzes the images and assigns them in the Google Maps view. Google explains that dark green can be classified for the densely covered forest, while light shades of green appear for patchy shrubs.

The new Google map update offers a natural view so that the user can easily distinguish deserts, beaches, tan, arid, blue lakes, rivers, and oceans. With the new improvements, the user who plans to visit the place can explore the location virtually on the google maps.

The Google Maps update marks the platform with one of the most comprehensive views of natural resources, according to technology giant Google. All 220 countries and territories supported by Google Maps would have an update. These updates apply to all areas from metropolitan cities to small and rural cities.

Google Maps detailed color view
Google maps image

For example, Iceland’s landscape can be very easy to see on Google maps. It will be easier to detect polar ice caps, as the different vegetation densities across Iceland are different in the update, according to photos shared by Google.

Detailed street maps will be released in the coming months, allowing users to view detailed street information, su