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Google Map Dark Mode and Password Manager for Android start rolling out – Google announced on its blog that it will launch its dark mode on all Android applications after the testing process is complete. The new feature will save battery power and reduce users’ eye strain. This feature is one of the new features, among others, for Android users introduced by Google. Includes google password manager for Android devices and some updates for Android Auto.

Google maps dark mode

How to enable google maps dark mode

They added that the new Google Maps feature will soon be introduced globally. They provided the settings as well. To apply dark mode to your phone, you need to go to “Settings” on Google Maps. From there, click on the “Theme” option and then look for the “Always Dark Theme” option. That’s it, you are ready. If you want to dim the lights more, you can do it.

You can change the theme again. Therefore, you should do almost the same as you did when applying the dark theme. Go to “Settings”, then “Theme” and from there click on the option “Always Light Theme”. You may not find the option after updating Google Maps. There is no need to worry. Goggle says the feature may take a few more days to be implemented globally. There is no official notification on Google Maps for iOS.

Google has also introduced other new features, such as google password manager for Android devices, Android Auto, and many others. This new feature is available on Android 9 and above. On the other hand, another new message scheduling feature in the Messages app.

The company has also improved the TalkBack screen reader, which can give more flexibility to people with visual impairments. You can customize the wallpaper section with a personalized car view, new games for longer trips, shortcuts on the home screen, and also split-screen mode. After applying the new dark theme, we will witness a new travel experience.

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