Google Kids space

The Google Kids space will help children read, play and watch videos

  1. Books, apps, videos, and games are available
  2. Best quality content of child interest will recommend
  3. Popular books are also available for reading

Google Kids Space Mode is launched for Children – Google’s new features are coming back to back, a new way for children to explore and use a technology called ‘Kids Space’ mode is being introduced by Google. Apps, books, and videos will be present in the Google Kids Space mode for children to explore and learn on Android tablets. Parental controls and ways for parents to choose teacher-approved apps will be present for children to play.

As per the blog report by the availability of Google Kids Space will initially be available for Lenovo tablets, with Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD Gen 2 at the start and then come to Android tablets. Kids Space design was to keep children at the center of the experience and to allow them to become explorers of the things they loved, according to Mindo Brooks, UX Director for Kids and Families at the search giant Google.

Quality content for children will be recommended by Google Kids Space for child-based interests. Google Play apps and games will be featured on the Google Kids Space that is approved by teachers and specialists in early childhood education and media led by Harvard advisers. The children’s own characters can be personalized by the Google Kids Space and they can find new and engaging content to read, play, and make.

Kids Space

According to the search giant, Google, they worked with major publishers to make popular children’s books available free of charge with a collection of 400 free books in the U.S, which can be read by children through the Google Kids Space. Videos can be viewed from YouTube Kids on the Watch and Create tabs, so that off-screen activities, projects, and innovations can be encouraged. However, the availability of books and videos depends on the region.

Especially during the pandemic, the role of technology was a major problem for parents in their children’s lives, according to Brooks. It was added that more than just parental controls they want enriching and engaging content needed for their children.

Additional apps, games, and books can be chosen to be downloaded by parents from Googl