Google Hangouts vs Zoom video call

Google Hangouts vs Zoom – Best Video Call App service: Coronavirus has now become a pandemic which has resulted in lockdowns, and curfews in almost all the countries affected by this virus. In this digital era, people have the option to work with everyone even after staying at home by using video call/conference.

Teachers can teach students by conducting online classes with the help of video conferencing apps. MNCs also have to depend upon video conferencing in order to continue their operations. Two apps are being widely used by people nowadays – Google hangouts and Zoom. So, we are gonna compare these two apps and tell you about their pros and cons.

Google Hangouts vs Zoom: Best Video Call Service

Google Hangouts: It comes from one of the biggest tech companies Google which usually comes pre-installed in most of the phones. It allows services such as group chats where you can have a maximum of 150 members, and voice, as well as video calling the limit, is 25 only.

There is one more advanced app from Google – Hangouts Meet, which allows up to 250 participants in a video conference. Also, you can do live streaming for a maximum of 100000 people but Hangouts Meet requires a G Suite account which is a paid one. But, in the outbreak, Google is availing this service for free until September 2020 so as to help schools, colleges, and businesses. There is an option for real-time captions also. Google Hangouts is available on Android, iOS, and web browsers too.

Zoom: It offers a wide range of features so as to have rich experience for users. Its free plan called “Basic Plan” offers video meetings up to 100 people with a 40 minutes time limit. You can share the screen for presentations, record meetings, create waiting room for safety, mute and unmute participants, etc. On the other hand, there comes a paid plan which allows video conference for up to 1000 participants as well as 49 participants can be displayed on a screen.

You can easily create a Zoom account by using Google or Facebook accounts and hence start using it for free. But, recently as per some reports, questions have been raised on Zoom’s security which is a major concern upon continuing the usage of this app. Many big companies like Google have banned their employees from using Zoom for their use.

Google Hangouts vs Zoom

Google Hangouts vs Zoom Pros and Cons

Google Hangouts ProsZoom Pros
1. It is safer than Zoom as of now.1. It has got more features than Hangouts.
2. It supports live streaming as well as group chats.2. Supports 100 participants even in the free plan.
Google Hangouts Cons Zoom Cons
1. Supports video calls only up to 25 members.1. There are security issues.

So finally both apps are good