Google Duo Video calls with chrome

Google Duo Video calls are coming to Google Chrome Web Browser: In this pandemic, everyone is working from home, and also even if someone needs to talk to someone, they are basically using video chatting apps. So, considering the increased usage of video calling apps, Google is adding new features to its Google Duo and it is free for everyone.

In the month of April, Google increased the number of participants from 8 to 12 for Google Duo after considering the increased usage of app and lockdowns in most countries.

Thus, the developers of Google thought to make a web version of the Google Duo app and hence anyone having Google Chrome browser can use this without any download or installation, you can also see here Google Hangouts vs Zoom.

Google Duo Video calls

Also, Google will be completely changing the layout of its Google Duo in the web version which will be more fluid and minimalistic. One interesting feature that will be added is called Family Mode. In this family mode, when someone is having a video chat with their friends and families, then they can doodle on the screen, create fun effects as well as masks.

This will obviously enhance the user experience and it will make the platform more interactive for the participants. Earlier, Google has added many interesting features to its app like making notes, making short videos as well as recording sounds and finally sending them to their beloved ones in case they are not online at that moment.

A low light mode was also added by Google to enable a good user experience even in low light. This can actually differentiate this app from other video calling apps and Duo is quite very easy to use the app.