chrome browser tab management

New Chrome browser features improve faster page load, better tab management, QR code and more

Google Chrome browser will bring interesting new features – The performance of Google Chrome Tabs is being improved by Google and new features are being introduced to increase efficiency. The tab grouping recently introduced is being improved by Google, so that tabs can visually distinguish by topic, collapse, and expand the tab accordingly.

10 percent faster page load times, more battery, and memory savings can be achieved through improvements to Chrome tabs. Some features are still in beta and are gradually being released to all users.

According to Google Chrome’s UX director – Alex Ainslie, mention on a blog is that more time is being spent by people on their browsers to get things done and Chrome wanted to help people increase their productivity.

Two new improvements will make Google Chrome noticeably faster, according to the search giant. Up to 10 percent, faster page loads will be provided by Profile Guided Optimization, and the impact of the idle tab in the background will be reduced by tab management. For the Beta, the latter will be released and there will be improvements in page loading speed, as well as battery memory savings, according to Google.

New Features for Chrome Browser

  1. 10% fast tabs
  2. Group tabs and collapse them
  3. Touch-friendly tabs for the tablet user
  4. Easy switch to open tabs
  5. Find open tabs with tab preview
  6. Edit and save PDF from chrome
  7. Easy Url sharing for chrome

An update will also be made to Tab Grouping, which Google announced in May. Tabs can be segregated by topic or priority by tab grouping, which helps to distinguish them. Tabs can easily be collapsed and expanded, so less space is taken up on the tab bar and allows users to find them quickly.