Firefox and Chrome Browser Extensions are stealing your Data

Google chrome is now adding grid view and tab groups feature – This week, google chrome is launching a new grid layout in the tab group for Android users. On the screen, the smaller tab will take the place of the card list organized vertically.

Without being hidden by another card, you can now see more of the page on google chrome. With the new look, Android users can drag and drop the google chrome tab onto another tab to form a group of tabs.

Chrome browser

Chrome browser grid view and tab groups feature on Android

This new update of the Chrome tab group was tweeted by the Android user, on iOS, the grid view of the tab was available for a while. The grid view feature of the Google Chrome tab allows the user to group the tab, which can be managed more efficiently.

With the new update of Google Chrome 88, the grid view and tab group feature starts to be implemented for a few users. The new Chrome browser feature will appear to another user through a server-side update, but it has not been implemented for all users and should be available to more users in a few weeks.

According to the report, the grid view feature and groups of tabs in the Chrome browser can allow users to view 6 tabs at a time.

As we mentioned before, the grid view allows users to drag and drop one tab over another to form a group of tabs. Users can also open the menu and select the “group guide” option to create one. To turn off the new group of google chrome tabs and grid view, you can do this in the setup.