Firefox and Chrome Browser Extensions are stealing your Data

Google Chrome accelerates the release cycle every four weeks – The new Google Chrome update will be accelerated by up to four weeks. The browser updates will now come faster than before. The new update will increase the security and stability of your browser. The new milestone will be launched every 4 weeks.

The Chromium blog post states that the new milestones will be updated every 4 weeks, starting with Chrome 94 in the third quarter of 2021. The schedule has been every 6 weeks for more than a decade. Now, the consumer will get the launch of Chrome for the first time.

Google Chrome Browser

According to the program’s technical manager, Alex Mineer, Chrome has developed its testing and release processes with security updates to improve the patch gap. It was clear for the team to update its release cycle with the delivery of new features.

Google has another plan for its “Stable Extended” option, which will launch milestones every 8 weeks. Who needs more time to manage updates, the new option will be provided for corporate administrators and Chrome developers.

There will be 2 security updates according to the blog – a security update to fix only major issues will be released for 2 weeks, but the 4-week option will be available with all security fixes. Extended stability should avoid the situation where IT administrators are frustrated by Chrome’s silent experiments.

Last month chrome adding grid view and tab groups feature and there will be many updates in the coming months for Chrome OS users. That is why the company is planning several stable version options.