Google Assistant Snapshot

Google Assistant snapshot is being updated with new features

Several new feature updates, including voice support, are being received by Google Assistant Snapshot and voice support is also included. Users will be allowed to invoke the feature and upcoming tasks, as well as dinner, activities, and podcast recommendations, will be shown by asking the virtual assistant who is powered by AI.

For Android and iOS devices, the Google Assistant snapshot updated feature will be released. For users who use English as the default language, this feature is active and for other languages will be released in the coming months, according to search giant Google. Soon photo editing feature is coming to Google photo.

List of Google Assistant snapshot features:

  1. Summary of important tasks: In addition to updates, which are essential, such as travel times, bill payment reminders, reminders for upcoming birthdays and holidays, reserved by users will now be displayed by this feature. According to Google blog, the adjustment by instant cards based on time of day and user interactions with Google Assistant, meaning that a card about daily commute time, weather, and major headlines will be seen in the morning.
  2. Recommendations for dinners, activities, and podcasts: Based on users’ preferences for recipes, podcasts, and even delivery to nearby restaurants, ‘personalized recommendations’ will be served to users after this update.
  3. Voice support: previously, the “microphone” icon had to be pressed or the Assistant had to be pulled up from the bottom corners of the screen so that essential information could be seen. Now, to get the same information, “Hey Google, show me my day” needs to be said.
  4. Google Assistant notifications: For things like flight schedules, event updates, upcoming invoice reminders will be sent to ensure that any important notifications are not missed by users. An “upcoming birthdays” card will be received by English-speaking markets when a notification is clicked, the user will be redirected to the related Snapshot card and options such as calling, texting, or even singing a birthday song will be offered to users.

Two years ago, Google Assistant Snapshot was introduced by Google in place of Google Now and its login page received a new look, adjustments to the Google logo, and the central alignment of all items are included on the screen.