ARcore Dual Camera

Google ARcore can support dual camera setup – Google ARcore will be more powerful with its dual camera configured on supported devices. You can now capture photos with better depth information. Google is improving its AR system to get the attention of the new generation, as well as the old ones, with some interesting features.

Google’s ARCore (SDK) will allow phones to use its virtual reality setup to create a combined reality circumstance using the phone’s processors, motion sensors, light sensors, and of course, the camera as well. We saw that ARCore had the option of using only individual cameras, but with the new update, you can use two cameras for selected phones. This feature will be especially useful, as most smartphones nowadays come with several camera arrangements.

pixel 3a and 3a xl

The new ARCore feature has been updated with features such as a dual camera, which can provide more detailed information through Google Play Services on select compatible models, extended AR support for extra phones, and new performance observation and recording devices for software developers.

In your recent announcement, we found that this feature will be available for Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL. However, there is no guarantee whether ultra-wide cameras will be available or not, because the phones have telephoto lenses.

There are also different phones that have not been added to the list. This is because Google needs to ensure that each phone depends on the quality of the camera, the motion sensors, and the design architecture to ensure that there are no signs of normal performance. In addition, phones must have an incredible CPU and GPU to ensure decent presentation and successful real-time calculations. That is why the company is still working on its best performance.

There is other news about Google Pixel phones that have already started to accept the March 2021 Pixel update, which features the latest Android security fix. With the new update, the Google Pixel 3 and the models above will be able to share connections to the recorder’s sound documents for anyone to tune into. The Pixel camera app will also work with Kraken Sports’ universal smartphone box, which fits on some phones and allows customers to take high-quality underwater photos and videos. So, update your phone to get the best performance ever.