Sabrina Dongle from Google

Exclusive New Google Dongle for Live Streaming: This summer, Google is preparing to launch a new google smartphone, including Sabrina- the New Google Android TV Dongle for Live Streaming. The XDA development team takes responsibility for marketing, which gives us a chance to see what this dongle can look like. According to the report, this dongle is the successor to the Chromecast ultra and is expected to come with Android TV software and dedicated remote control.

Sabrina Google Android TV Dongle

Google’s new Android TV dongle is named “Sabrina“. This dongle looks like a similar Chromecast, but has a circular design and comes in pink, black, and white. According to the marketing report and video, this device shows the top half and the dedicated Google Assistant button. It looks like this device will have a smooth surface that offers a unique look.

New Google Android TV Dongle for Live Streaming

It is not certain when Google will launch this device and what the price will be. One thing is for sure, the google android tv dongle comes with dedicated remote control and contrasts with the previous Chromecast streaming media device, which can be controlled entirely by the android smartphone. This dongle looks like a mix between ‘Apple TV remote’ and ‘Daydream view’.

According to the report, the price of the Google Android TV dongle will be around $ 80, which is less than the price of the NVIDIA TV Shield streaming, although it is more powerful than the Google dongle. The price of the 4K Chromecast Ultra will be around $ 69 and without 4K it will be $ 35.