Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Samsung Galaxy S20

Compare Between Samsung Galaxy S20 vs Galaxy S10: For over a decade every year, Samsung launches a brand new S series smartphone, Some of them are revolutionary in the mobile market. Each year Samsung launches new advance generation smartphones for people. Traditionally every year Samsung launches 1 to 2 smartphones of S series but from 2019 company release 3 S series smartphones back to back and impresses the audience.

In this new generation S20 phone, you will get the Qualcomm 3d sonic max fingerprint technology. It is more accurate and faster than the regular fingerprint sensor. The bonus feature of the sensor that you can easily input two fingerprints on a single sensor this technology will increase the safety and privacy of your personal details and information. In the new Galaxy S series smartphone, Samsung is launching its new fast data sharing technology whose name is Quickshare. It can rival with Apple Airdrop technology.

Design and display specifications

Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone was launch in early 2019. This phone is impressive in look and it is known for its compact design and built-in quality. The Dynamic AMOLED capacitive t