Find Lost Or Stolen Android Phone

Step by Step Instructions to Find A Lost Or Stolen Android Phone – There are steps that you can pursue to find your lost or stolen smartphone. It can occur in mere seconds, You leave your cell phone on a counter in the store and leave, or somebody bumps upon you in the city and removes your phone directly from a pocket. Losing a phone, be it from robbery or an innocent mistake, this is a distressing experience. It cuts off your access to the world, yet your cell phone holds your most personal data and information.

If somehow your cell phone lost, there are apps incorporated with each Android phone that help it possible to track and lock a lost phone. However, you will need some steps to find a lost android device.

How to Find A Lost Or Stolen Android Phone

Be Prepared And Make a secure screen Lock

Secure your smartphone and turn on password or unique fingerprint authentication. Don’t utilize facial recognition on your Android gadget. The facial recognition utilized on most Android gadgets can be easily cracked with something as basic as a photo of your face. Facial confirmation could get progressively secure if Android Q includes official help for secure Face ID.

Make your password and set up unique fingerprint validation in the Settings application under the Security setting. I understand scanning a unique fingerprint or entering a PIN code each time you need to unlock your phone can be boring, yet it will secure your photos, banking applications, email, and other personal information.

Track Your Lost Android Phones

google find my device

Use Google’s Find My Device – Whenever you sign into an Android gadget with a Google account, Find My Device is as of now on. Discover or find My Device is the thing that you will utilize to track, remotely lock, and remotely delete data. You can ensure Find My Device is enabled by opening the Settings application and go to Security and Location then Find My Device.

On the other hand, if your cell phone doesn’t have a Security and Location option then go to Google and log in with your email and search Find My Device. If your cell phone internet is on then you can see your phone current location. Discover My Device needs to be turned on. If not then you can just on your cell phone location option.

Remotely discover, lock, or Delete Data

  1. Go to the android-find web page and sign in to your Google Account.
    • In case you have more than one gadget, select the lost gadget at the top of the screen.
    • In case that your lost gadget has more than one profile, sign in with your Google Account that is on the principle profile.
  2. Your lost cell phone will get a warning notification.
  3. On the map, you can see where is your cell phone.
    • The area of location is approximate and probably not exact.
    • In case your cell phone can’t be found, you can see its last known location area if it is available.
  4. Pick what you need to do. If necessary, first click Enable lock and delete option. This option will lock your phone and delete all your data.
    • Play sound: This option will Rings your cell phone at full volume for 5 minutes, regardless of whether it is set to vibrate or silent.
    • Lock: This option will Locks your cell phone with your pattern, PIN, or secret key. In case you don’t have a lock then you can set a new one. You can include a message or phone number to the lock screen.
    • Delete: This option erases all information on your phone permanently however probably won’t erase SD cards data. Note that after you delete your information then “Find My Device” will not work more. If you find a lost android phone after erasing data, you will need your Google Account password to utilize your phone once more.

Samsung Find My Mobile

samsung find my mobile

In case you have a Samsung cell phone at that point addition to Google Find My Device, you can set up Samsung’s Find My Mobile service to find a lost Android device. It gives you access to find a lost phone. With Samsung’s find my device service, you can do things like force remote backup and can check whether somebody has swapped out your SIM card. You should have a Samsung account to utilize Find My Mobile service.

On your Samsung cell phone, open the Settings application then go to Biometrics and security then select Find My Mobile option. In case you log in to your Samsung account then Find My Mobile should be active. If it is not active then you login to your Samsung account to enable Find My Mobile feature.

Remotely Track, Lock a lost phone Use Find My Device – Utilizing Android prepared service make sure you sign in to a similar Google account that is connected to your Android phone. You can utilize another Android phone and the Find My Device application that you need to download from the Play store. A notification alert will be sent to your phone to tell whoever has it that it is being followed. But for this need an internet connection on your lost phone.

Choosing Secure Device will lock the cell phone and show a message of your preference on the lock screen. However, you can still find the phone location after it is locked. In case your phone is turn off your cell phone, you will probably not able to track it until it is on and has an internet or WiFi connection. Google will send you an email once it finds your gadget.

Find A Lost Android Device

Samsung clients – By locking the phone, which will show a customized message on the lock screen, and keep the phone from being turned off. Next, utilize the Track location area. By activating this feature will track your phone location every 15 minutes. At last, turn on the Extend battery life. This will disable nearly everything on the phone except for the location tracking.

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