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Facebook is testing new short videos features like Tiktok – Now Facebook is testing new short videos like TikTok, taking advantage of the ban on TikTok in India, and the proposed ban in the USA. The new short video will appear in the Facebook news feed and will work in a similar way to swiping up as in TikTok.

Recently, Instagram Reels was introduced by Facebook as its response to the popular Chinese app, and soon the same feature will arrive on the Facebook app. We are not sure about the scope of testing short videos, but we will soon see this feature in an updated version of the Facebook application.

Facebook is testing a new TikTok like the short video feature first tweeted by Matt Navarra. It is called TikTok like short videos because it is very similar to TikTok, including upward video scrolling. Soon, this feature will be available to a few Indian users of the Facebook app just to test the ability before officially launching it.

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As reported by the source, Facebook said it is always testing new features and as short videos are very popular, Facebook is looking for new ways to bring these features to its users.

The new short video feature will have comments and likes in the bottom right corner, which is very similar to the TikTok interface. There will be a create button at the top that uses the Facebook camera with lots of cool options for short videos. Including music, pause, and recording option are also there, as provided on TikTok with sharing options. When the user posts a video, it will show in the short videos section of Facebook.

A week after the launch of Instagram Reel, Facebook is ready to bring a new short video feature. Looking at the ban on Tiktok in the U.S, creators are now looking for a new platform to continue creating content. Facebook is trying to attract this creator, as many Indian creators are already creating content for new Instagram Reels and will soon be able to post it on Facebook as well.

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