Merge Messenger and Instagram

Facebook Merge Messenger and Instagram chat Messages – Facebook and Instagram users can now chat with each other. A report arrived today about this feature that in both applications Facebook starts to marge Messenger and the Instagram chat system. Soon DM icon will appear in the upper right corner of the Instagram home screen for Android and iOS users.

This icon will look similar to the Messenger logo, which is the new way to send messages on Instagram. When the user clicks on this icon, he will be redirected to a new colored message screen and will be able to chat with friends who use Facebook Messenger.

Currently, not all users can see this feature on the Instagram home screen because it will be implemented in stages. It is not officially announced when this feature will be fully launched, but it is expected to be available globally.

As reported, a pop-up update on Instagram appears for some users. New colorful chat screen, swiping to the right to respond and emoji reactions are also available on Instagram for “chat with friends using Facebook Messenger”.

If the user does not update the Instagram app, they will still receive a message from Facebook. The Facebook Messenger logo will replace the DM icon when the user updates the application. The sender’s messages change from blue to purple when scrolling, which looks more colorful, as reported. But it is not yet possible to send a message to a Facebook user from Instagram.