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Facebook Messenger is using dark mode since last year and the Facebook app also receiving it for a while. Finally, Facebook has redesigned the Facebook desktop site to dark mode and is available globally. Facebook said in a blog post that a new design is faster and easier to use, and it gives your eyes a break using dark mode.

Drak mode comes with the new version, the layout of the home features news feed in the left and right space. The menu bar and large icons provide easy access to various parts of the application. The news feed is usually filled with pages and public posts using the Facebook algorithm.

Facebook removes private messages and groups, the main objective of Facebook is to organize a big event and get in touch with someone you know, but have no contact information.

How to activate Facebook Desktop Site dark mode

  1. Click on the menu in the upper right corner and under the setting.
  2. Search for the option “Switch to new Facebook”.
  3. Again click on the upper-right corner menu.
  4. Click “Dark Mode” to activate.
Facebook Desktop site is now available in Drak Mode

Instagram and Whatsapp also joined the dark mode run a few months ago. When you get the Facebook dark mode update, at the top of the screen, a prompt appears asking if you want to switch to the new Facebook look. If you haven’t received the Facebook dark mode update, you can use the dark mode of the google chrome browser, but it doesn’t look the same as the official design.

Messenger also has a dark mode feature but the new design for iOS and Android is in the testing phase, which also offers the option of dark mode.

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