Enable Dark Mode or Night Mode

How to Enable Dark Mode or Night Mode on your Devices

When you change the background to light colored tones to black and dark gray, it is known as night mode or dark mode. The manual guide for an all the visual experience on Android, Apps, iPhone, Windows, Youtube, Reddit, Slack, and etc. Dark text content on a white background is not boring and exhausting. When you are utilizing your phone or PC around evening time or in night, the exact thing that burning your eyeballs is bright screen. Turning the screen brightness to zero can help you to some extend yet it is not going to solve your problem completely. Fortunately, organizations have started to add better approaches to darken (dark mode) their applications. Here is the step by step instruction to activate dark mode.

Enable Dark Mode for Windows 10

Windows 10 has had a dark mode for some time, however for quite long time it just influenced the Microsoft Store and the settings panel. With the arrival of its October 2018 Update Microsoft stretched out those dark mode to the File Explorer also somewhat nearer to framework darkness. Adding that with a dark background wallpaper and a dark taskbar. You have the beginnings of a desktop area that you may really need to use during the evening or at night. To enable dark mode for windows 10 simply open the Settings application and go to Personalization then select Colors and change the theme to “Dark” to turn it on.

Enable Dark Mode for macOS

In case you have a Mac then the most recent update of macOS ( 10.14 “Mojave”) has a dark mode feature that should influence your menu bar and a lot of applications. Regardless of whether they are added or built. To activate dark mode for macOS, open System Preferences and select the “General”. At the top point of the window, select “Dark” option for your appearance and everything on macOS should change right away.

Enable Dark Mode for Google Chrome Browser

To activate dark mode for your browser is simple. Both Chrome and Firefox straightforwardly hook into the dark modes offered by Windows 10 and macOS Mojave. so if you want to chance that you OS to dark mode your web browser change automatically. Yet this is right now in beta testing for use with Windows. It may not work for everybody presently.
To enable night mode for your Chrome browser for now, you need to use the Chrome extension or you can download and install a separate Chrome browser called Chrome Canary.

Enable Dark Mode for Firefox Browser

On the other hand if you want to enable Dark Mode for Firefox you need to do it manually by right click on the title bar then choose “customize” and going to Themes and then select Dark option. Different web browser have their very own different night modes as well, including Microsoft Edge and Opera which can give night mode option in their settings menus.

Enable Dark Mode for iPhone and iPad

Apple presently not reveal a genuine night mode for iOS, however a great deal of applications have their very own inherent. In case you are not fulfilled by that, there is one way you can use dark mode to make your Apple gadget more night accommodating.

You may think about the “Upset Colors” choice that makes your iPhone’s screen resemble a photograph negative. In any case, Apple has improved this component in the previous couple of years, including another “smart Invert” option that intends to darken the cell phone without making the shading shift. You can turn this on by making some changes. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Screen Display Accommodations > Invert Colors and turning on “Smart Invert”

You can make an shortcut way for this change by returning to the Accessibility menu, choosing “Accessibility Shortcut” at the base and checking smart invert Colors. With that checked you can click 3 times your home button to on Smart Invert immediately.

Enable Dark Mode for Android

Each Android cell phone is not same. If your android cell phone is running the most recent version of Android (9.0 “Pie”), you can go to your phone Settings then choose display and change your theme to “Dark.” It is not actually lovely as this option is still in beta testing, despite everything it doesn’t influence everything of your android OS, Settings application for instance stays white.

You can activate “night mode” for a couple of different parts of the system. Open the phone Settings enter the “About Phone” menu and click “Build Number” multiple times and you will get pop up that your developer setting is not active. From that point go to phone Settings then System then Advanced then Developer Options to turn dark mode on. Google will improve this feature in future Android versions however until then it helps you a bit.

Android can differ from each phones, so check around in your phone settings to check whether it offers you something same. We can’t cover each Android phone here yet your smartphone has a dark mode, it is somewhere in that Settings.

Enable Dark Mode for All Your Favorite Apps

Enable Dark Mode for All Your Favorite Apps and Sites

The above settings will cover the principle OS frameworks yet a huge amount of applications offer their own dark modes or night mode. Here are a couple of the most widely recognized Apps:

Enable Dark Mode for Gmail

On the web you can pick a dark mode by tapping the settings gear in the corner and go Themes. The Dark and Terminal are great alternatives however your messages will at present show up on a white background when you open them. But there is no night mode for the gmail applications right now.

Enable Dark Mode for Facebook Messenger

Facebook application doesn’t have a dark mode yet, however its Messenger application does. To activate this option you need to send the moon emoticon (?) in a chat message, without other content. At that point you need to unlock night mode feature and go to Messenger settings where you’ll see a switch for Dark Mode. For more detail information you can check this Enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode in 3 Simple Steps.

Enable Dark Mode for Twitter

Recently Twitter update dark mode feature and you can locate Dark Mode under Setting then go to Display. There are currently two variants avaliable Dim which turns things to navy blue and Lights Out which turns to pitch black.

Enable Dark Mode for YouTube

YouTube gets a gold star for its Dark Mode which is accessible on both the web and its applications. On the web simply click your profile picture in the upper right corner and select the Dark Theme. On youtube application open “Applications Settings” from your profile picture. On iOS this option is there and on Android go to setting then general you will get second option “Dark Theme”.

Enable Dark Mode for Reddit

In case you are a Reddit user you can activate its dark mode on the web by clicking your username and go to Night Mode on option. In case you are utilizing the reddit application you’ll discover this dark theme on the Settings page.

Enable Dark Mode for Slack

The Slack application offers a Dark Mode from its Settings menu. Select 3 dots in the upper right corner. Desktop dark mode is as yet not released.

Enable Dark Mode for PlayStation 4

There is no official night mode however you can pick a darker theme from Settings and go to Theme option.

Enable Dark Mode for Xbox One

Click the Xbox catch on your controller and select Settings then go to to Personalization and select Theme and Motion. From that point you can see switch to Dark Mode on option.

Enable Dark Mode for Nintendo Switch

Explore to the Nintendo Switch System Settings from the menu at that point go Themes and turn on the Basic Black.


You are beginning to get the informatio but on the off chance that you have a most used application not recorded here check its settings and check whether it support night mode. Most of them have this feature including Wikipedia, Waze, Pocket, Instapaper, IMDB, climate applications, and etc.

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