How to remove Hey Google Assistant

Delete Hey Google Assistant and Alexa Voice Recording

Basically all that you do while login into your Google account in your gadgets, so you probably don’t want Hey Google Assistant to have recordings of your discussions that you’re not requesting Google Assistant’s help with. After Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft all got captured listen to voice recording caught by their virtual assistants like google and siri help, some of which were caught accidentally and included private data.

Conversing with Google Assistant can be a convenient method to find solutions to questions like request the climate or run your smart home. The Assistant may answer to an inquiry you did not request or it may record a bit of a discussion you did not want it to hear.

There is a straightforward command to delete google assistant chat history the last thing you said to google assistant: you simply need to say “Hey Google, that was not for you,” and Google Assistant will erase the last voice message you asked it, as verified by Droid Life. When tried it, and it seemed to work perfectly. When asked Google Assistant what the climate condition was, and that appeared on google my activity page for my record. At the point when I followed up by saying that Hey google that was not for you, my inquiry concerning about the climate had vanished from the activity page list.

Delete Hey Google Assistant

Remove Hey Google Assistant

As per a Google support page, you can also say the below expressions to erase voice recording over certain timeframes:

  • “Hey Google, delete the week’s activity.”
  • “Hey Google, delete my last conversation.”
  • “Hey Google, delete today’s activity.”

In case you need to erase every individual recording, all that you’ve asked Google Assistant, or Google naturally erase 3 or one and half, you can do that from the Google Assistant Activity dashboard.

Additionally, you can also ask Amazon’s Alexa to erase recording from your voice. For this you need to open the settings in the Alexa application and turn on “Enable Deletion by Voice” to do as such. When that is enable, you can say to erase the last thing you asked alexa.

Alexa Voice Recording

  • “Alexa, delete what I just said”
  • “Alexa, delete everything I said today”

To erase full day recording. You can erase separately or in groups, or set up auto delete using Alexa application or on your Alexa Privacy page. This is the list of information you can use to remove your voice recording from Delete Hey Google Assistant or Ok Google Assistant and Alexa Voice Recording.

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