ColorOS 11 Features Pros and Cons

ColorOS 11 Release Date, Features, Pros and Cons – With the launch of Google’s Android 11, Oppo will be one of the first brands to introduce ColorOS 11 based on Android 11. However, initially, the company will release the Android 11 update only for its flagship phones, like other companies will do the same. Oppo has already started the public launch of the ColorOS 11 beta from September 14th. However, the stable public update will be released as soon as the beta test is completed and we expect the date to be around November 2020.

Moving on, we will now discuss the new features, improvements or advantages and disadvantages that are being implemented in the last ColorOS 11.

ColorOS 11

ColorOS 11 Pros and Cons (advantages and disadvantages)

Memory Usage

Memory usage has increased dramatically by a large percentage, which will certainly benefit the user during multitasking. Oppo’s own lag reduction algorithm alongside the Quantum Animation Engine undoubtedly helps the user to overcome the limits of the performance barrier with optimized frames, as well as response rates.

You can really feel the smoothness while scrolling or browsing through various applications. With its AI technology, the operating system can preload applications based on user activity and behavior, so the application open rate is improved by 23.63%.

AOD pattern customizations, wallpapers and ringtones

You can create your own versions of the Always On Display pattern, Ringtone, and adjust the dark mode in three different ways. First, we can design our unique AOD themes by trying them out.

Second, there is a dedicated mini music studio and with its mixing console, you can recreate various touches according to your taste. Last but not least, the dark mode makes it easier for us to improve our viewing experience with three levels of contrast paired with automatic brightness.

Super Power Saving Mode

According to Oppo, with the super power-saving mode enabled, you can chat or send text messages for up to 90 minutes on just 5% of the battery.

This mode minimizes battery consumption in several ways, such as reducing the CPU clock speed, making the interface dark for the battery to be saved on OLED / AMOLED devices, and ultimately decreasing the screen brightness. In this mode, the user can use up to six of his favorite applications.

FlexDrop in ColorOS 11

As with MIUI or OneUI, FlexDrop is a renamed version of Floating Windows that is very useful when it comes to using two applications at the same time. A pop-up window for a compatible application can be used over any other full-screen application simultaneously with resizing and moving features. This feature is really hot right now and being loved by many users.

Battery Guard

With this feature, Oppo aims to extend battery life and also minimize the degradation of the battery’s capacity due to overcharging. With the Battery Guard function, if you have to charge your phone overnight, it will only charge up to 80%. And the remaining 20% is done just before you wake up and the phone knows about it from its charging routine.

Privacy and Protection

In the privacy department, you can give specific permissions to applications and also grant permission “only while using the application” so that no data is accessed in the background. In addition, there is a private system function that creates a separate environment to protect your data and information.

Leaving the above resources aside, there are a few more small features and changes, such as close sharing, instant translation with three fingers, etc. Some of the first devices to obtain Color OS 11 are – Find X2 series, Reno 4 SE and Reno 4 series, and Reno 3 series.

Taking into account the disadvantages of colorOS 11 is limited to some specific smartphones, not for all mid-range devices.

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