Wireless Charger Trio

On Life Unstoppable event Samsung announced Galaxy A42 5G, Wireless Charger Trio, Galaxy Tab A7 and more

The cheapest 5G phone and the new Trio wireless charger were announced by Samsung – A number of new devices, including the Galaxy A42 5G, were announced by Samsung at Life Unstoppable at its virtual event today. The most affordable 5G device so far is announced by Samsung, according to the company during its presentation.

In addition, a new wireless charger has been announced by the company, which can charge multiple devices at the same time. In addition, the Galaxy Tab A7 was also announced by Samsung.

The latest in the Samsung A-series mid-range line is the Galaxy A42 with 5G. At the rear, there is a quad-camera with 6.6 inches OLED display and availability in black color, according to Samsung. According to CNET report, Galaxy A42 will be launched later this year.

Meanwhile, power can be supplied to three devices simultaneously by the charger called ‘Wireless Charger Trio’. This charger is the successor to the Wireless Charger Duo which was launched in March, whereby two devices can be charged at the same time.

Nothing is mentioned about charging speeds by the Trio in Samsung’s press release. Wireless Charger Trio will cost around $119 after launch, according to reports.

Galaxy Tab A7

Finally, a 10.4 inches tablet called Galaxy Tab A7 for media consumpt