BLU C6L 2020

BLU C6L 2020 Review, Pros and Cons – Recently, BLU has criticized the old series of phones and has done something with them. They plan to launch the C5L as well as the C6L version with some changes compared to previous technology models. But, instead of implementing the best technology, companies limit themselves to reducing the price, implementing key features to make their phones more attractive in low-cost segments.

Starting with the rising star, the BLU C6L 2020, it offers extraordinary features compared to its younger brother C5L 2020. Although there is a better scope for this phone within the budget segment market. So without further ado, let’s see where the BLU C6L 2020 smartphone meets your specifications.

BLU C6L 2020 Review


  1. Offering the quad-core processor is the right choice because the phone was unable to run robust software.
  2. The C6L features a 5.7 inches screen with a better aspect ratio covering the body.
  3. In terms of the optics, an 8MP camera on the front and rear panel is present.
  4. As for the battery, the Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery pack is placed inside the card.
  5. It is a simple phone, so the expected price should be around $60 (4,000 INR).

Design and Display

The glossy plastic layout adds additional texture to the body and improves the design in multiple folds. But the color combination factor makes the BLU C6L smartphone even more beautiful, as there is a wonderful choice of shades of Red, Blue, and Green. Each is equipped with unique features that expand the stylish look of the phone. The cut-out circular panel gives a refreshing feeling from the first day.

In addition to the antics on the rear panel, the front screen offers an immersive viewing experience through its 5.7 inches IPS LCD technology display. The color exposure and contrast may be sufficient, as you will receive the HD resolution set for the screen. But, the lack of pixel density would be visible during streaming to the resolution limit. In addition, there is no word of protection for corning glass, and neither do we expect this due to the purpose of the built.

Memory and Internal

The BLU C6L 2020 smartphone has a quad-core processor, which offers the ability to work up to 1.4 GHz clock speed. This configuration should not experience major problems with only 1GB RAM capacity. Although the processing speed is sufficient, the performance delay would appear in multitasking.

However, the Android 10 go edition will provide a bloatware-free ecosystem, which may be a good thing, since the phone has only 16 GB of space. Still, you can use the dedicated Micro SD slot to increase storage for better convenience.


Unlike the conventional camera configuration, the BLU C6L 2020 achieves a single camera unit, which renders an 8MP lens. There is nothing dynamic or evocative about the camera. However, the quality of images and videos is properly maintained in the sunlight. In the meantime, the same thing cannot be said for low light because the phone suffers from providing an essen