Black shark 3 Pro vs Vivo IQOO 3 vs Mi 10 Pro

Black shark 3 Pro vs Vivo IQOO 3 vs Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro: A new era has come and from the beginning of 2020, lots of mobile companies launched high and mid-range flagship standard smartphones. In this article, we will cover the comparison between the Black Shark 3 Pro, IQOO 3, and Mi 10 Pro. Some premium segment 5g smartphones are in the market Black Shark 3 Pro, Vivo IQOO 3, and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro which we have already reviewed before.

Black shark 3 Pro vs Vivo IQOO 3 vs Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro: Design and Display

Since we know, the Mi 10 Pro consists of a simple design that precisely fits according to its standards. On the other hand, the compact graphic pattern of Black Shark 3 Pro which is cherished by many and besides that, the dotted design looks fabulous on IQOO 3, it has an outstanding design, which is more attractive in the volcanic orange color.

As for the display panel, the AMOLED panel touchscreen is present in all, and on structure level, the main difference lies in Shark 3 Pro with its physical pop-up buttons for gaming. The latest and improved gorilla glass version 6 protection is only accessible on IQOO 3. But it didn’t have an always-on display, high refresh rate, DCI-P3, and even the 500 nits brightness compared to both the phones.

Winner: In terms of design is the Black Shark 3 Pro has an astounding, and compact body, on the other hand, the Mi 10 Pro as the best display, and viewing experience. But in size, IQOO 3 pro is quite moderately fitted in every type of user’s hands