Dimensity 1200 chipset

BL8000 first rugged handsets with world-class 5G connectivity and solid efficiency – Ulefone Armor’s competitor, Blackview, is known for making rugged phones and selling them worldwide, mainly in Hong Kong. These smartphones are quite resistant and can survive in extreme conditions, such as dust and water. Typically, the company produces phones with mediocre processors, unlike Apple iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

BL8000 comes with Dimensity 800 SoC

On the contrary, they created Mediatek’s Dimensity 800 on their recent BL6000 Pro with so-called 5G network support. What’s even more surprising for now, is that the brand is gearing up to bring a robust smartphone to the market with Mediatek’s most powerful current chipset, Dimensity 1200. With that in mind, Ulefone will follow the next BL8000 model from Blackview and will launch its own powered handset Dimensity 1200 in the second quarter of 2021.

Talking about the latest chipset, the main core of the Dimensity 1200 is so capable that it can reach the clock speed of 3GHz. On the same note, the smartphone company has the freedom to install lenses up to 200MP, which turns out to be quite surprising. However, the Cortex-1 on the Snapdragon 888 is more powerful in terms of heavy duty than the Dimensity 1200.

In addition to the chipset, only the size of the RAM was revealed, that is, 12GB. Blackview is setting records by launching the first rugged handsets with world-class 5G connectivity and solid efficiency. You would have no problem charging your phone while it is raining and it is even safer if dust appears. In addition, the BL8000 comes with military standard equipment to offer you the best durability and experience ever.

Mediatek has unveiled a poster on the BL8000 model and the star of the show is expected to hit the market soon. More details are expected to appear soon through leaks on the web in the near future.