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Best Wireless Earbuds in 2020 with Pros and Cons

Whether we go for long-distance travel or commuting to the office or a gym freak, music comes along with us everywhere. Even in the idlest time when we are relaxing, we look for our best wireless earbuds or best Bluetooth earbuds to sit and relax our mind to stay productive. The point of all the discussion is, choosing the right earbuds that suit our day journey and is compatible with the ears too.

We all today own a Smartphone or an iPhone and there is a wide range of best wireless earphones available out there in the market. The manufacturers have given more than one category of Earbuds for different types of users and the complications for choosing the best ones are still a mystery for many. Not anymore, here we will direct you the right Earbuds for the Die-hard music crazy inside you. But still many think it is the advantage of using earphones over Earbuds. There are benefits of both and losses of both, so let us see the basic difference between Earbuds and Earphones.

Difference between Earbuds and Earphones

Earphones vs Earbuds are essential among the youth, but hardly anyone can really discriminate between the two. Earphones are inserted inside the ear canal so they are also named as in-ear headphones or simply in-ears, whereas, Earbuds rest outside the ear canal for supports. The major differences we can make through for you are, Earbuds are easier to clean, are less secured fit and have sub-par sound effects comparatively. On the other hand, Earphones have a superior audio quality, Snugger Fit and have less durability.


They are usually less expensive and best noise cancelling earbuds is not in excess, which is both good and bad for someone. The latest brands have worked on the bass and volume though and it has increased compared to the older versions. They are meant to sit on the concha ridge on the ear lobe and not held inside the ears. Scientists have claimed it to not affect the eardrums in any way if the Earbuds don’t put excess pressure on the ears as earphones do.

They are of a unique size that fits all shapes with comfortable fitting. Earbuds allow ambient noise from outside also to reach the eardrums so the users don’t feel packed or isolated from the outside world. They cost lesser compared to earphones and they are the best fits for the gym and running activities.


They are usually built for higher best noise cancelling earphones and stronger volume and bass compatibility but the main cons are these as they can make you all alone and can affect your eardrums in a way on prolonging usages. And the hearing song on higher volume and bass makes you addicted to listening at high volumes only. They are less comfortable comparatively and expensive too.

They come in sizes as per the customer and have rubber or silicone foam to stick into the ears. The protrusion in the earplugs extends to the ear canal and gives a superior touch in sound quality. In next year, the technology is on the boost and with so much competition among the companies and enhanced music we can expect a great quality of music in the future.

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