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Best Video Chat Apps in 2021 – For people looking to stay in touch with family and friends, the availability of video chat apps is valuable. In order to spend time with family & friends, video calling apps are great. There are many options when it comes to video chat apps however, users find it tough to choose from among the multiple options.

There is a list of video chat apps, with reviews and innovative features, which users might enjoy. There is a list of free best video chat apps which is useful for video calling, while some are available with paid options.

Top 6 Free Video Chat Apps in 2021


zoom Best Video Chat

Zoom is one of the best video editing apps to which lots of people are turning in because of its robust feature set and support across all platforms-both. As a local and web app on desktops are downloadable on smartphones, Zoom has gained popularity among professional teams and for simple video chats as well.

Whether the free version or the paid version of the app is chosen, screen sharing, live annotations, and encryption are featured are available in the app. Nothing is locked from the user which makes zoom the best video chat app in 2021. When video calling is going on with someone, three or more people are invited into a meeting, a 40-minute time limit is given to the user. The restriction is lifted after a $15 Pro user and up to 100 people can join on the same call while the limit is raised even higher for the enterprise, check here Google Hangouts vs Zoom.

Entering the spotlight during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, various Zoom security flaws were uncovered. These issues are slowly being resolved by Zoom and it is recommended to protect video calls by password, which is good for the safety of the vast majority of users. Zoom 5.0 is the recently-released version of the app.

  • Platform Available – Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.
  • The maximum number of users – 3 free users a