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New Microsoft Audio Transcript will add audio to text

A new audio transcription feature debuting in Microsoft 365, which will save users time and money. This added feature should make users wonder when Google Docs will catch up.

Uploading audio to Word is enabled by this new transcription feature, which as part of Microsoft 365 is debuting today on the Web and users will receive a transcript with one piece of dialogue inserted in the document at a time.

For the live audio, a Dictate button has been provided, if users want to write and edit live. But, there are some limitations, if the audio is being captured by users through the iOS Voice Memos app or any other program. MP3, MP4, WAV, and M4A formats are supported by transcription and the upload limit is 200 MB. It was first mentioned by Microsoft in a blog that, in October 2019, this feature will reach Word.

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How Transcribe will be used in Microsoft Word

How Transcribe should be used, if it is available to users in your version of Word.

  1. Dictate button on the toolbar and click it.
  2. Then, Transcribe must be clicked.
  3. Upload audio must be clicked.
  4. Attached audio file.
  5. The text should be displayed.
  6. The text must be dragged and dropped from the menu to the document.

Automatic formatting options are also offered by Word Transcribe, so quotes can be inserted as pull-them. The timestamp next to the text must be clicked to jump to that part of the audio file if users want to check the accuracy of the transcript. The transcription time varies while the audio is being loaded, but the translation of the text works in seconds if done live.

At the moment, only English is compatible with Transcribe and, later this year, it will reach Word applications for Android and iOS. Transcribe was planned for early 2020 with support for the mobile app coming in the spring and before making it to other devices, another season can be taken. Users may prefer Microsoft Word over Google Docs, although Google Docs is available for free. Recently removed malicious edge extensions by Microsoft.

For $ 6.99 a month, Microsoft 365 is available to users, but can be chosen for free live transcription if users want a free option. A $ 9.99 monthly version that adds upload is available to users. Fortunately, the Transcribe option was added by Google Docs, which seems nothing human, considering the hearing capacity of the Google Assistant.

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