Apple iOS 13.4 Released

Apple released the latest update of iOS 13.5 for iPhones which brings a bunch of new features which is important in this time of the pandemic. iOS 13.5 has been chiefly developed in order to help people by providing Covid-19 features in this difficult time. There is an improvement in FaceID, FaceTime, the addition of new API as well as other minor changes, check here How to update your iOS version.

Latest Update of iOS 13.5 and its Features

Mask Feature in FaceID

iOS 13.5 brings a major improvement in Apple’s FaceID so if the user is wearing a face mask, the software can easily detect it and take the user to the passcode option. Now, the FaceID feature doesn’t make further attempts to recognize the face once a mask gets detected. This feature not only works to unlock the phone but also in apps in which FaceID is required for authentication purposes.

Latest Update of iOS 13.5,

Prominence Option in FaceTime

Earlier in FaceTime group calls, whenever a participant used to speak, his video block became a bit larger which is known as automatic prominence feature. Apple has now added an option whether to keep this feature enabled or disabled by going to Settings then FaceTime and then Automatic Prominence. This feature was there to show the presence of the speaker.