Apple iOS 13.4 Released

Apple released the latest update of iOS 13.5 for iPhones which brings a bunch of new features which is important in this time of the pandemic. iOS 13.5 has been chiefly developed in order to help people by providing Covid-19 features in this difficult time. There is an improvement in FaceID, FaceTime, the addition of new API as well as other minor changes, check here How to update your iOS version.

Latest Update of iOS 13.5 and its Features

Mask Feature in FaceID

iOS 13.5 brings a major improvement in Apple’s FaceID so if the user is wearing a face mask, the software can easily detect it and take the user to the passcode option. Now, the FaceID feature doesn’t make further attempts to recognize the face once a mask gets detected. This feature not only works to unlock the phone but also in apps in which FaceID is required for authentication purposes.

Latest Update of iOS 13.5,

Prominence Option in FaceTime

Earlier in FaceTime group calls, whenever a participant used to speak, his video block became a bit larger which is known as automatic prominence feature. Apple has now added an option whether to keep this feature enabled or disabled by going to Settings then FaceTime and then Automatic Prominence. This feature was there to show the presence of the speaker.

New Exposure Notification API

In this feature which is developed by Apple and Google in collaboration, developers can create contact tracing apps for Covid-19 tracking using this API. Though, you won’t notice any change unless you have any contact tracing app installed in your device.

Medical Emergency Service

Now, people residing in the US have a new emergency call feature via which they can share their medical and other information with the respective authorities using their Medical ID.

Apart from the above changes, there are some minor fixes and changes too. Apple has fixed the issue which caused a black screen problem while streaming any video from websites. The share sheet has also got bug fixes and stability improvements. iOS 13.5 is a major upgrade for iPhone users and they must update their devices.

iOS 13.5 Pros and Cons


  1. The COVID-19 exposure log-in is quite beneficial in this pandemic period.
  2. You can now reduce the speaker’s face size while using facetime apps for group meetings with the Automation prominent speaking feature.
  3. Share your favorite Apple Music immediately on your Instagram story. There are also bugs fix in the sharing section.
  4. Vunuarableity related to Apple mail has been slightly reduced.
  5. LTE and Wi-Fi issues are resolved and appear to have better connectivity in this new modern firmware.
  6. Battery life becomes a little good with the recent update, and the heating problem is also resolved.


  1. With the recent security patch, the jailbreak would become difficult.
  2. There are some issues in the status bar in some cases.
  3. Greenish tint glitch appears when the brightness is reduced, some say it due to the OLED screen in iPhone 11 and 11 Pro MAX.
  4. The file finder option is not yet available in the file manager.
  5. The face ID did not work with a mask therefore, an access code is activated for convenience when wearing a mask.

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