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Apple MacBook Pro 2020 Review, Pros and Cons – Look like it’s August, it time to Apple launches the brand new Mac Book for the Apple community in a natural way. The good news is the MacBook Pro 2020 is released. The sale starts on 15 August. To be more accurate, the latest laptop is a promising product as it looks now. So, without wasting time, let begin the review.

Apple MacBook Pro 2020 Review


  1. All the things remain the same as the previous variant, but the new digital sensor implanted on just above the keyboard keys.
  2. The starting price of the MacBook is around 1,22,990 INR ($1650).
  3. The internal processor gives 1.4 GHz clock speed and on the top level 3.9 GHz speed.
  4. It has a MacOS interface on the laptop as usual.
  5. In the box, you will get 61 W USB adaptor with charger cable

Design and Display

The laptop comes with a compact design that gives a premium-end looking from the start. On the other hand, it presents a touch display trackball, which quite good for the new user and fans. Moreover, the keyboard’s keys look adequate. There two color options of Silver and Space Gray.

There are several features that arrive, but the best features could the screen recording on your MacBook. If you are a video editor, gamer, or professional, you may know the worth of it. We have designed a dedicated article for MacBook screen recording, Check that well Record Macbook Screen.

The 13-inch Retina display onboarded on IPS panel with 227 Pixels per inch on the screen. At the same time, it has a resolution of 1600×2560 pixels.

Performance and Internal

In the processing unit, the 1.4 GHz processer can boost even further. So overclocking can be performed easily and it has a better performance outline than others. Speaking of memory, it gets a hike of 4 GB RAM as well. The memory configuration of 8 GB RAM with 256GB SSD storage copes up in the basic variant and for the higher variant the 512 GB SSD storage couples upon these sides. The device is available i5 and configurable in i7. Both come with 8th gen Intel cores.

The second lineup is definitely a jam. In this high-end range, a powerful configuration will be seen. The same goes for the processor, it furnishes 2.0 GHz power and can level up the tier to the boost in performance up to 4.0 GHz speed. It also got the latest 10th gen Intel core in it with i5 and i7 configuration.

Apart from this, it arrives in 16 GB LDDPR4 RAM that held its hands with the 512GB and 1TB SSD storage. Alongside this, it got the graphics of Intel Iris Plus.

Camera and Sound

All the models got the same FaceTime HD cam board on the laptop screen. The 8 GB variant support 5K video and the 16 GB option supports 6K video out of the box. With this, you will receive the computer industry best sound system of Dolby Atmos along with 3 mic format and 3.5 mm jack port.

Battery and Others

High endurance Battey intact on the device so you didn’t need to worry about running about of juice. It’s just simply can work 10 hours without charging once. On the other side, a 61 W USB-C charger can easily juice in an hour.

Other aspects such as the internal layout of the macOS interface are superb and give a ditto iOS feeling. In addition, there are different types of tweaks that make you fall in love with it.

Apple MacBook Pro 2020

Apple MacBook Pro 2020 Specification vise price

  1. Apple MacBook Pro 2020 i5 8th gen – 8GB/256GB – $1600 (1,22,990 INR)
  2. Apple MacBook Pro 2020 i7 8th gen – 8GB/512GB – $1900 (1,42,990 INR)
  3. Apple MacBook Pro 2020 i5 10th gen – 16GB/512GB – $2300 (1,74,900 INR)
  4. Apple MacBook Pro 2020 i7 10th gen – 16GB/1TB – $2600 (1,94,900 INR)

Apple MacBook Pro 2020 Pros and Cons


  1. High-end performance and can perform overclocking
  2. Better sound and video quality
  3. Bigger memory and storage than the previous version
  4. A grand and Swift experience with the personal trackpad
  5. An adequate amount of software and features


  1. The price is slightly high
  2. Low performance for 4k video and heavy work


There is no doubt Apple MacBook Pro 2020 is a better and more efficient version than the previous year. Especially in terms of basic variants. It a decent product for tech enthusiasts and professionals who want something compelling and premium at the same time.

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