Apple AirPods 2 will be released on March

Everything you need to know about Apple AirPods New updates

Apple AirPods New update with Siri, wireless charging and more talk time. The second era of Apple AirPods already arrived. Following an equipment update cycle that saw new iPads and Apple iMac update, Apple finally release update to AirPods 20th March Wednesday.

Keeping name as it is and generally same design from the first AirPods launched in 2016, The new earbuds price begin at $199 and accompany another wireless charging case, the capacity to remotely charge Siri and Apple’s new H1 chip which guarantees to include an additional talk time hour.

Apple AirPods New updates
The wireless charging which has somewhat light on the front to show when it is charging, utilizes a similar Qi-standard found on iPhones and Android gadgets.

Still offered just in white the new earbuds are available and you can order today and will hit stores one week from now. Those who are interest to buy can also engrave the case for free of cost, like old iPods.

The individuals who as of now have Apple AirPods and need to include the wireless charging case will do as such for $79. The individuals who don’t need the wireless charging case will even now have the capacity to purchase AirPods for $159.

Apple hardware week of equipment goes ahead the eve of the organization’s. Where it is expected to release its new video and membership news administration. By revealing the updates this week Apple is apparently resolved to keep the March 25 concentrated altogether on the Services.

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