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List of Android 12 features, devices and release date – The developer’s previous version of Android 12 was released for the Google Pixel 3, Pixel 4, and Pixel 3 smartphones. It is the first version of Android 12 and, as a successor to Android 11, the next version will arrive at the end of this year 2021. This new developer version of Android 12 arrives 5 months after the official launch of Android 11 in September 2020.

The new Android 12 developer preview focuses on developers getting their apps and devices ready for the next official release, the same as the previous one from the Android 11 developer. Google has announced that the Android 12 developer preview is only available for Google Pixel smartphones. Here is the list of smartphones compatible with the Android 12 Developer version.

List of Android 12 devices

Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL
Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL
Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL
Google Pixel 4a
Google Pixel 4a 5G
Google Pixel 5

For all the pixel phones mentioned above, the system image is available for download here. For the Android Emulator in Android Studio, the first view of the Android 12 developer can be installed. The Android 12 ADT-3 device can also get the Google Android 12 developer preview.

The Android 12 developer preview was not made for end customers, so you need to keep in mind that it is especially for developers before manually downloading system images. The reason behind this is that you may encounter some bugs after installing the Android 12 OS developer view.

Android 12

List of Android 12 release date

The list of Android 12 release dates is announced by Google to reach the detailed milestone of the new update. Check Android 12 release dates below.

  1. Android 12 Developer Preview 1: February 2021
  2. Android 12 Developer Preview 2: March 2021
  3. Android 12 Developer Preview 3: April 2021
  4. Android 12 Beta 1: May 2021
  5. Android 12 Beta 2: June 2021
  6. Android 12 Beta 3: July 2021
  7. Android 12 Beta 4: August 2021

The Android 12 operating system will reach the platform’s stability stage from the beta release of August 4, 2021, according to the release dates mentioned above. After beta 4 is released, there will be no more changes for developers.

List of Android 12 features

  1. Custom notifications
  2. Support HEVC video format
  3. Support for the AV1 image format
  4. Rich content insertion
  5. Audio coupled haptic feedback
  6. Smoothen gesture navigation
  7. Android Run Time (ART) module
  8. Nearby Share feature
  9. One-handed mode
  10. Improved screenshot editor

Firstly, the operating system brings the interface level changes to the notification in the preview version of the Android 12 developer. As mentioned in the Google blog post, to bring smoother animations and optimization throughout the system, Google is working on it. Based on notifications for custom content views and standard templates, all apps on Android 12 will be able to include this feature for users.

The Android 12 operating system can bring more responsive notifications that are in the development stage, in addition to personalized notifications with focused updates. These changes can be noticed in the Android 12 developer view, which can be improved with each version.

To support the HEVC video format and video recording, Android 12 Developer Preview features compatible media transcoding. To use the AV1 image file format (AVIF), Google provides platform support, which improves the image file size compared to the old image format JPEG.

Enable rich content insertion from the new unified API and accept the keyboard, clipboard, and drag and drop gesture from rich content sources. Tactile audio feedback coupled through offering a phone vibrator in apps designed for the Android 12 operating system that will provide better audio experiences.

To smooth it out, Google’s gesture navigation simplified immersive mode and made it more consistent. The Android Run Time (ART) module comes with the Android 12 operating system, which helps Google send new software updates to libraries and the core runtime available on devices, which helps to install applications more consistently.

Some of the optimizations can be seen in the next version of Android 12 for foldable phones, TVs, and tablets. It also includes SameSite WebView cookie behaviors and safer component export. Google detailed the privacy and security changes on a dedicated web page. There are other features, such as an emergency SOS button, scrolling screenshots, one-handed mode, enhanced screenshot editor, proximity sharing feature, and better notification snooze.

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