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Android 11 OS First Developer Preview – After a long wait, Andriod 11 or Android R is here. It is on the developer preview and is currently available only in google pixel series. There will be some changes to features in the original version of Android 11. There will be two more developer previews and after that, 3 beta versions will release in 2020 May 12, June and in upcoming months for the platform stability. After that, you will see official Android 11 in everyone’s phone around the quarter end of 2020.

It is except that, Google will introduce the Android 11 beta version at the upcoming Google IO 2020. The important main feature will release in May at Google IO. The current features that are showed in developer preview are maybe the fraction of features and they are probably 10-20% of the features of the OS. We have many expectations from Android 11.

In fact, we didn’t find any visual changes, unlike Android 10. Currently, there are no visual changes in its features. So basically all the changes are behind the scene. There will be internal changes like – it will increase optimization and performance speed.

If we compare Android 10 with Android 11, we didn’t see any major visual changes. However, you can customize the dark mode as per your choice which is given by default.

Android 11 OS First Developer Preview

Key features that are released in the Android 11 first developer preview are:

  • Floating Bubbles notifications – just like the Facebook messenger, Google will launch this feature in Android 11. It was released in the beta version of Android 10. Although, we didn’t get this feature in Android 10 OS.
  • Fast Performance – The performance feature of the Android 11 app is designed in such a way that it can perform better than iOS. There are some slight changes in the app’s permission.
  • In-built screen recording – You can natively record the screen. Although, in the developer preview, you can’t record audio. It is expected that screen recordings with audio will appear in beta versions.
  • New messaging features – In this newly developed message app, you can cover all your social media conversations in one place. There will be two tabs in the app, one for the notifications and another for the conversations.

Android 11 OS First Developer Preview – Additional Features

  • You can customize and pinned the sharing app for sharing particular files, videos, photos, etc.
  • Bluetooth will work smoothly when airplane mode is on.
  • It all natively support infinity O, punched hole, water-notch, cutout display very well.

This feature Android 11 OS list is very small. In the few upcoming months, you may get the beta versions. It is guaranteed that the new features are going to be amazing.

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