Android 11 OS First Developer Preview

The beta version of Android 11 is Release and now available for the Pixel Phone. Google is in the process of launching Android 11. A few months ago, we found the developer preview version of Android 11, in which it emphasized the general features that are expected to come in the updated OS.

Yesterday, Google News will allocate a distinctive article dedicated to the Android 11 beta, which means – that the stable beta version is now available on pixels devices. In our previous article, we said it was released in May. However, due to the coronavirus and the protest “Black life Matter,” the roll-out of the beta version was postponed for half a month.

Android 11

Android 11 Beta Version: Features

A new way to communicate and chat with Friends and Family

The Key upgrades are the modified communication system in which it develops a new way to give an answer and receive a message, and there’s new innovation seen in the notification bar as well.

In the communication department update are as follows:

  1. In the email section, the google meet works as the way to support meeting and group chat with family and friend, it just like the WhatsApp and Facebook room feature.
  2. Bubble notification chat system for better user experience deploys in the beta.
  3. The improved Gboard (Virtual keyboard app developed by Google), which automatically suggests emoticons for a specific conversation. Although it has already been launched, this time it works more skillfully with the help of federated learning technology that operates through artificial intelligence.
  4. You can respond to all of your conversations through the notification bar, and you can also customize and prioritize your chat in just a few clicks.

Updated in the privacy and security section

Like the iOS 13.4 upgradations in security and privacy features, Google is also inputting the format widening the permission and access option.

  1. To minimize your data theft form third-party apps or form the native apps, you can grant permission in three-way while using an app, only this time and reject. This straightforwardly reduces other apps to access your personal data.
  2. If you have not used a specific application for a long time, the new automatic reset feature will notify you to reset the entire permission. You can be granted when you reopen that specific application.


  1. They develop the native screen recording in a way to record audio that needed for a long time.
  2. You can easily convert the media from the audio content of a video played on your device. This means – you can directly connect the media being played on your device to the smart TV or the speaker.

In Android 11 there is mainly the physical enhancement, or you can see that the visible change was made in the beta version, the same as in the developer’s first review. The improved browsing speed and performance optimization would work behind the scenes. Along with this, the official assured Android users that the Beta will arrive next week.

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