Zoom down: This is the alternative to Zoom video conference – According to Facebook and Twitter users, Zoom is down in different parts of the globe. For some people, it is still working and is supposedly being investigated by the company, so it may be back soon. It is being celebrated on social networks that Zoom is down in the market for becoming a great platform for users to go to work or go to class.

According to reports, Zoom problems started at 5:30 pm on Monday and a partial break is being displayed for Zoom meetings and Zoom webinars on the Zoom status page. Zoom chat and Zoom Phone are the other features that are still operational, according to the status verification website.

A confirmation was given by DownDetector through which the interruptions of the web platform are monitored, which since 17:30 IST have had problems with users when they log in to Zoom.

zoom Best Video Chat

Starting with a small service, in the pandemic COVID-19, this became the lifeline of users. Although zooming has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the coronavirus pandemic, it has been linked to excessive supervision by many people. There were endless video calls in which people had to participate, so it will not be surprising, if Zoom is being searched on the social network, Twitter, many people are found celebrating.

Since Zoom is offline, many people are currently experiencing problems, such as a tweet from a user who doesn’t know what needs to be done for school, as the app is down. The issue is getting complicated as it is working for some people – a fact that is being tweeted by some schools, telling their students that teachers were eager to see their students.

While interruptions are being investigated by Zoom, the good news for people is that, through video conferencing, some work needs to be done, as there are many good and free alternatives available that can be used now at present, even The zoom returns to normal.