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How to add widgets stack and Smart Stack to iPhone iOS 14 – The addition of widgets that can be added to any page is an important change introduced in iOS 14 and that is also generating a lot of interest. All sorts of strange and useful things can be done especially if users are willing to play with the shortcuts and widgets.

To begin here’s how an existing widget can be added to the user’s iPhone iOS 14 home screen.

  1. Users must touch and hold an empty area of the iPhone screen until the application icons jiggle and the minus sign is displayed
  2. In the upper left corner, the plus sign must be clicked and a menu of existing widgets will be brought up by the user
  3. Click on the widget to be added. To choose the size and shape of the widget, users must swipe left and right
  4. After that “Add widget” must be touched
  5. Tap anywhere on the home screen once the widget is added, to exit edit mode

It should be noted that when the new widget is a tap for the first time, the iOS 14 user can be asked to adjust the features, such as a weather widget that must be configured for the weather report.

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How to remove the widget from iOS 14 home screen

In order for the widget to be moved across the screen or move to another screen, it must be tap and hold until it starts to shake and then moved according to the user’s desire. If the user wants to remove the widget from iOS 14, the minus option must be pressed.

How to create a widget stack for iOS 14

A stack of widgets can be created by the user in iPhone iOS 14, if a user wants to save space or if there is a widget to be used occasionally by the user.

Create a widget stack for iOS 14:

  1. A widget should be selected for the user’s home screen as described above and should be placed wherever the user wishes. The next widget must be selected that the user wants to stack and saved on the user’s home screen, up to 10 widgets can be stacked by the user.
  2. The widget must be pressed and hold so that it can be moved around the screen by the user and must be placed on top of the first. It should be noted that the widgets must be the same size and shape, for example, a small widget cannot be placed on a medium-sized one.

To view each widget in a stack, the top widget must be slid up or down and the next one will be revealed.

How to change the position or remove stack widgets

If the position needs to be changed or if widgets applications are removed from the stack then follow the steps given below:

  1. The stack must be long-pressed and “Edit stack” must be selected.
  2. The three lines next to the application must be pressed so that their position on the stack can be changed.
  3. The stack widgets application can be removed by sliding it to the left.

How to create a smart Stack in iOS 14

A feature called “Smart Stack” was created by Apple by which the widget will be automatically chosen depending on the user’s location, what time, or what is frequently of apps used by the user. There is a pre-built Smart Stack on iOS 14, which is composed of a group of selected applications. The stack can be added in the same way as any widget can be added.

  1. The home screen must be pressed and hold and then the plus icon in the upper left corner must be pressed.
  2. Smart Stack is present at the bottom
  3. You must scroll sideways as with the other widgets to choose the size the user wants and then select “Add Widget”.

Once added by the user, the order of the included applications can be changed or those that are not needed can be removed, just as any stacked application is removed. Or, if starting from scratch, the user’s own Smart Stack can be created:

  1. Any stack created by the user must be long-pressed and “Edit Stack” must be selected.
  2. “Smart Rotate” must be activated.

Widgets can be used on iPads

A stack of widgets can be used on iPads also however, the user can place them in the Today View on the left side of the leftmost screen. Otherwise, widgets can be added and stacked in the same way as on the iPhone – as in the process of creating Smart Stacks.

If widgets are to be kept in view, regardless of the screen the user is on, he can.

  1. An empty area must be pressed and held on the Today screen.
  2. When “Keep On Home Screen” is seen, it must be activated.
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