add widgets stack and Smart Stack

How to add widgets stack and Smart Stack to iPhone iOS 14 – The addition of widgets that can be added to any page is an important change introduced in iOS 14 and that is also generating a lot of interest. All sorts of strange and useful things can be done especially if users are willing to play with the shortcuts and widgets.

To begin here’s how an existing widget can be added to the user’s iPhone iOS 14 home screen.

  1. Users must touch and hold an empty area of the iPhone screen until the application icons jiggle and the minus sign is displayed
  2. In the upper left corner, the plus sign must be clicked and a menu of existing widgets will be brought up by the user
  3. Click on the widget to be added. To choose the size and shape of the widget, users must swipe left and right
  4. After that “Add widget” must be touched
  5. Tap anywhere on the home screen once the widget is added, to exit edit mode

It should be noted that when the new widget is a tap for the first time, the iOS 14 user can be asked to adjust the features, such as a weather widget that must be configured for the weather report.

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