80W Fast Wireless charging

New 80W fast wireless charging announced by Xiaomi – Xiaomi is ready to rock the market with its new cutting-edge 80W fast wireless charging technology after the incredible 50W fast wireless charging support on the Mi 10 Ultra. The Chinese company claims that a 4000mAh battery can be recharged to half capacity in just 8 minutes and takes 19 minutes to fully recharge the battery.

According to Xiaomi, in the coming years, modern wireless charging can replace conventional wired charging, since in wireless charging no port is required, and therefore space is saved for other components. This year Xiaomi already announced a 100W Super fast charging.

Xiaomi’s Fast Wireless Charging 80W


With a revamped version of the Mi 10 Pro, the engineers tested the 80W fast wireless charging technology to get the results and it really surprised us with its maximum capacity.

If we look at what other companies are doing now, we have Oppo that presented its 65W fast wireless charging, although it is not implemented in any of its smartphones.

For now, the Mi 10 Ultra has the fastest 50W fast wireless charging in the industry, and its next-generation will arrive soon. However, companies like Apple are still stuck with 15W wireless charging in this modern age, as we can see in the new iPhone 12 series.

Xiaomi posted a video showing the 80W fast wireless charging test on its official YouTube channel, as well as other social media features. You can certainly check it out to learn more about this jaw-dropping technology.